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When Should Your Baby Sleep on their Tummy?

Today, let's waltz into the world of tummy sleeping – that magical milestone when your little one decides it's time for a snooze in their own chosen pose. But wait, what does this mean for the diligent parents who've been champions of the "back to sleep" anthem? Let's embark on the rhythmic journey of tummy sleeping and uncover the mystery together.

My baby just rolled onto their tummy in their sleep – should I panic?

Fear not, mom and dad! When your baby graduates to the rolling phase, it's a sign of their growing motor skills. The key is that you initially placed them on their back when settling them down, adhering to safe sleep practices.

If my baby rolls onto their tummy, should I put them back on their back?

No need for midnight acrobatics! Once your little one masters the art of rolling, it's perfectly safe to let them slumber in their preferred position. The emphasis, however, is on starting each sleep session on their back.

What if my baby prefers tummy sleeping over their back?

Babies, being the sleep explorers they are, often have preferences. If your little one finds comfort on their tummy, that's okay. Just ensure their sleep begins with them on their back.

Is tummy sleeping safer once they start rolling?

Indeed! Once your baby conquers the rolling conquest, the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) diminishes. Think of it as their way of saying, "I'm in control, Mom!"

Should I still follow safe sleep guidelines?

Absolutely. Maintain a secure sleep environment with a firm mattress, devoid of loose bedding, and maintain a cool room. Keep soft toys and fluffy companions out of the crib for a safe sleep haven.

How do I know if my baby is ready for tummy sleeping?

Tune into your baby's cues! If they're displaying an interest in tummy time during play sessions, it could be a signal that they're ready for a transition in their sleep posture.

So, there you have it, moms! Tummy sleeping is a dance in your baby's sleep symphony. Revel in the milestones, rejoice in the triumphs, and let your little one pirouette into a restful night's sleep. Sweet dreams! 💫



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