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Bee Happy Moms


Created for moms, by a mom.

What's all the buzz about?

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Navigating motherhood doesn't come with a manual; it's a journey of self-discovery through personal research, shared insights, and the invaluable lessons your little one teaches you. 


They say it takes a village...

Welcome to our community of moms and women embracing the diverse paths to motherhood. However, your unique journey unfolds, we're here to offer support and encouragement every step of the way! 

Raise your hand if you've found yourself down the Google rabbit hole one too many times—we've all been there!

Sign up today to begin connecting with other women, sharing genuine life experiences, tips, advice, and valuable resources.

Who can join?

We extend an open invitation to anyone seeking to give and receive support for moms. Whether you're navigating the complexities of infertility, embracing the journey of pregnancy, embarking on the adventure of becoming a first-time mom, fostering or adopting, or basking in the wisdom of seasoned motherhood, you belong here.


Our little corner of the internet is crafted with the hope that it brings you comfort, assuring you that, no matter what shape your journey takes, you're not alone.

  • Is it free to join?
    Yes! Signing up does not cost a thing.
  • I'm pregnant is it okay to join now?
    Yes, no matter the type of mom you are or what that journey looks like... all is welcome.
  • What is Bee Happy Moms main mission?
    Our mission is to unite moms, providing a supportive community around them. Whether you're navigating your journey to motherhood or are currently a mom, we understand that it's no easy feat. Having others to turn to can alleviate a lot of anxiety along the way.
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